If you do not “feel” the meaning of the words you speak when you speak them, you are not using your words correctly. You’ve got to ‘feel it.’

Ginger Ross

What is perception? How you see things is likely to be entirely different from how I see things. Our Perception will differ due to our environments, our upbringings, our desires and goals, our beliefs, etc. In our society today we are victims of nonchalantness (if there is such a word – I think you grasp what I mean – at least I hope your perception is what my intent was). Here is a perfect example of how ones perception can be inaccurate or mis understood. I apologize because that was not my intent with that sentence (too make a point about perception). My point is that we over simplify words and discount, or are ignorant, to their true meaning as a result of that overuse; we can even call it over exaggeration.

The goal of is to help you, and those you connect with, gain a connection with the words you speak, and the words you write.

In the midst of launching Perception I engaged in a conversation with a woman, in my health club, who claimed she agreed, and understood, what the goal is. In fact, she had just engaged in a conversation with her daughter the previous night in which she said to her daughter, “You’re not really Starving.” In fact, her daughter was not starving; she was hungry. This is a simple example and I use it, in all its simplicity, to help you identify on a basic level where you might be using words incorrectly. Perhaps over simplifying them.

Help bring some appropriate culture back to our society by using words as they were intended. Words are a true art form; words have purpose and meaning. Through the years, as a person that continuously misused words, I have a sincere appreciation for them now, and their meanings. I, personally, feel more dignified, intelligent, and confident, not withstanding honest and genuine, when I choose and use my words purposefully. I know when I’m using a word right when I feel it. I invite you to develop a conscious awareness of the words you use.

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