The tree

Look outside your window at a beautiful strong tree; that tree has endured tremendous storms and yet still stands strong and is even more beautiful; so are you. Ginger Ross, May 25th, 2017

“Perception is what we see and also what we have gained from previously knowledge. Reality in everyday usage means “everything that exists”.” Source: Professor Zuma Daivs, Southern NH University   What’s your reality? What’s your perception? Do the two unite?


Time is more powerful than you, or I. It just is. What a powerful statement giving rise to a significant realization relative to past, present and future. How do you perceive time. Do you give it the credit and respect it deserves, or requires? TIME; Things I Must Endure. Things …

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As I build

this business, brand, idea, company. I’m not sure what to call it because I haven’t Felt the concept, yet. I browse, ponder, pretend, simulate, evaluate; What image do I wish to portray. What is the true core message. How do I articulate that message, and How do I put it …

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