Perception Words

When you change the way you look at things the things you look at change.

Have you ever sat in the same seat, for a duration of time and by some situation had to change seats? Did you notice the world looks different from the new seat? We see what we want to see, what we have been conditioned to see, or what our environment has taught us to see. Some of us simply Go Through The Motions in life never changing our perspective. You can develop an entirely new perspective on life if you change your perception.

Perception Words have been carefully and meaningfully chosen to heighten your awareness. It is through the overuse and over simplification of words that their meaning has been minimized. I have sorted through the various definitions of Perception Words, highlighting the definitions that can help you gain a truer connection with yourself, your environment, and a whole new Perspective on Life. I encourage you to try to Be Aware and Feel these words when you use them.

The Perception Concept promotes a higher awareness to achieve a higher consciousness. Join the Perception Movement and make a unique difference in your life. Be Aware – Feel It.

Positive Higher Awareness

BE – To exist or to live

Energy – a usually positive spiritual force <the energy flowing through all people>. (2)Be conscious of what you spend your energy on. Arguing requires negative energy, sadness requires negative energy. Choose not to poison your body with negative Energy. Be consciously aware of what type of energy you are generating and consuming.

Open – Allowing access. Being Porous. Free from judgements. Willing. Unimpaired.

Feel – To be aware of; Experience (an emotion or sensation); a :  to undergo passive experience of (4)

Spirit – the Soul; the force within a person that is believed to give the body life, energy, and power; the inner quality or nature of a person; (5)

Core – The central or most important part of something

Perception Can you Feel ItAlive – having life : living : not dead (3)

Now – “at the present time” (7)

Live – now; feel; experience; love; “to have a life rich in experience” (8)

One – of the same kind; i.e., one love; complete, open, yet connected

Up – “from a lower to a higher place or position; in or into a better or more advanced state; into existence, evidence, prominence, or prevalence.” (6)

Gratitude – an expression; a state of being grateful; appreciation; a feeling; giving; “letting others know you see how they’ve helped You. (9)

Courage – faith in the absence of fear, getting outside one’s comfort zone, truth

Passion – commitment, dedication, “a strong feeling of love for something” (10)

Beautiful5x772Beautiful – A God given quality in every one of us.

Life – synonyms – person, human being, individual, soul; a spiritual principle; a short period on earth


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