As I build

this business, brand, idea, company. I’m not sure what to call it because I haven’t Felt the concept, yet. I browse, ponder, pretend, simulate, evaluate; What image do I wish to portray. What is the true core message. How do I articulate that message, and How do I put it in a logo for all the world to grasp the Perception I wish to convey.

Today I looked up the word perception, the word awareness jumped out at me. In my opinion, and my message, perception Is awareness. Awareness of the actual, the real, the core meaning of words which helps define the true, the real, the core meaning of life, to me.

From the definition of the word perception I crossed over to synonyms. Looking for a sign, a connection between the message I wish to promote and the word perception.  Words such as

  • consciousness
  • conception
  • attention
  • awareness
  • big idea
  • approach

all came up as synonyms. Some I can grasp, others don’t work for me.
There, at the end of the list was the word I was hoping, looking, reaching for; Feeling.

Perception, to me, is a feeling. My biggest connections to understanding life, people, the meaning of, came when I could “Feel” a word, a statement, an emotion I hadn’t felt before.

Thankfully, this word linked to the definition of the word Feeling. Would I find what I wanted to find there? In black and white, out of 4 definitions stood #2;


physical sensation not connected with sight, hearing, taste, or smell.
This is the message I am trying to convey. We all perceive things differently – often times. Your perception is not my reality. Your perception is your reality. But what’s the true reality. The absolute. The finite.
Perception – a physical sensation not connected with sight, hearing, taste or smell.
#4 intrigued me too;
the general state of consciousness considered independently of particular sensations, thoughts, etc.
A state of consciousness. I probably don’t have to tell you what happened next…
The condition of being conscious : the normal state of being awake and able to understand what is happening around you: a person’s mind and thoughts

: knowledge that is shared by a group of people.


I went through a messy divorce that lasted four years, all the while I thought I was conscious. Looking back, I wasn’t at all. Physically, I was present and awake, but I certainly wasn’t conscious of what was going on around me. The depth of what I was involved in. The delicate seriousness of all the decisions I was making at the times. I think many of us walk around somewhat unconscious. Disconnected. We go through the motions of life without obtaining a True (deep) Feeling or Meaning.


Consciousness, like perception, can be subjective. Leading me right back to Feeling. To know life, to grasp life, through words – which is our communication. How we share our message, our ideas, our emotions, our wants, our frustrations, our everything, Words are life. Your perception of each word can change your whole perspective instantaneously. From my experience, its only when you can “Feel” a word can you grasp and develop a healthy – clear understanding of life.

One’s level of consciousness can vary. What seems conscious to one person may be blatantly unconscious to another. OK. So everyone doesn’t get it the way I do, or you do. That’s perception.

You gotta FEEL it.

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