Wall Art

Inspirational wall plaquesOur most popular wall or desk plaques. 4″ x 4″ aluminum is the newest and trendiest item in decorative wall pieces. Light weight and affordable, aluminum offers a unique and noticeable look.

Mix and match your words. Put your own words on these 4″ x 4″ plaques and create a montage display personal to you. We like to use the word BE as the prominent word which precedes all the other words and puts them into action.

$15.95 per plaque. Comes with a stand. For walls, use 3M Velcro removable strips (not included).

We wanted to get these products available to you quickly. In light of that, our website shopping cart is still being fine tuned. Please email, or call us at 603 918 6510 with your order so we can begin processing it immediately. Thank you for your patience and understanding. Feel it!

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